What to expect at your first divorce attorney meeting

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The end of a marriage can be scary, with worries about an uncertain future. Consulting with a qualified Texas divorce attorney is always the best place to start.

Things to consider before settling on an attorney

As with most difficult things, you probably don’t like spending much time thinking about divorce. This encourages many divorcees to hire the first attorney they’ve heard of. Instead, you should treat this like shopping for a vehicle or home. People spend lots of time weighing the pros and cons of high-dollar items like these.

Looking through reviews of local divorce attorneys is a great place to start. After finding some with good reviews, look up their license status and disciplinary history with the State Bar of Texas. You should also consider attorneys who offer free consultations. Even if it’s a short one, you’ll still get a feel for which attorneys best meet your needs.

Expect your meeting to be confidential

Doctors’ offices, for example, often have waiting rooms filled with patients. Don’t expect to walk into a jam-packed waiting room at any attorney’s office. Attorneys value their clients and generally only schedule consultations when there are openings. You won’t have to worry about spending more than a few minutes in the waiting room. This comes with the added benefit of extra confidentiality.

An overview of the divorce process

Your potential attorney might ask you how much familiarity you have with the process and with the laws involving such issues as property division. You will be provided with a brief overview of the process and given a timeline of the average divorce. Your attorney will also ask for basic information about you and your spouse to determine where to start.