Why is gray divorce on the rise?

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Gray divorces occur when couples over the age of 50 choose to divorce later on in life, often after several decades of marriage. This type of divorce can be more complicated because it often involves changing beneficiaries of life insurance policies, splitting assets and dividing retirement accounts.

This type of divorce is on the rise because people are living longer, and many individuals have more financial independence. Spouses can feel more inclined to leave and start a new life if they’re capable of supporting themselves independently of their spouse.

The factors in gray divorce

Gray divorce is on the rise for a variety of reasons, including financial ones. Infidelity, addiction and empty nest syndrome are all common causes of divorce among elder adults. There’s also more autonomy for women, and many people are experiencing better health later in life. They may want to seek out new partners when they’re still independent and have high energy levels to ensure that they can get more out of life.

Grey divorces also occur when couples fall out of love or fall in love with other people. If they feel like they’re going to live for many more years, they often don’t want to feel stuck or trapped in an unhappy marriage, leading them to file for divorce.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re ready to file a divorce, you should seek the services of an attorney who works in law. Professional representation may help ensure that you can reach a settlement with your spouse and work toward finalizing the divorce while avoiding common mistakes throughout the process.