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Temporary protected status for Venezuela citizens and DACA

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Blog |

Immigration is a notoriously long process in the United States, and especially in Beaumont, Texas. However, since new legislation has come out supporting temporary protected status (TPS), certain individuals can complete the immigration process more quickly.

How many United States citizens are eligible for TPS?

It often is estimated that over 300,000 Venezuelans are eligible for TPS with the vast majority of them residing in Florida. Aside from Venezuelans, there are more than 400,000 individuals with TPS in the United States who are from 11 other countries, including Somalia and Yemen.

Which organizations have supported the passing of TPS?

An open letter that was signed by 27 organizations was sent to Florida Republicans Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, urging them to support passing this new bill for immediate TPS. The IMPAC Fund financially supported this bill and was one of the first organizations to sign it.

How does Temporary Protective Status work?

President Biden announced that he would grant Venezuelans TPS for about 18 months. This protects Venezuelans who are going through the immigration process from getting unjustly kicked out of the United States. TPS is a temporary, renewable benefit that applies to people who are unable to return to their countries of origin due to awful circumstances, such as natural disasters or armed conflicts, with protection from deportation and authorization to work in the U.S.

During his last full day in office, former President Donald Trump approved what is known as deferred enforced departure (DED) for Venezuelans. It allowed them to apply for work permits but did not grant them permanent residency, like Biden’s TPS bill. Now Venezuelans are more protected from the political and economic issues of their home country.