Divorce rates by career

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Every year, thousands of couples in Texas file for divorce. It may seem like a random occurrence. Two people sometimes just grow apart, and it truly could happen to anyone. But factors like stress and outside demands on one’s time can take a toll on any marital relationship. People in certain careers are more likely to divorce than those in other professions.

Balance between work and personal life

A healthy balance between work and personal time can be key to a happy existence. Unfortunately, some careers have demands that simply can’t be put aside. For example, nurses typically work 12-hour shifts. Pastors may be on call all the time for parishioners who are in hospital or hospice. Commercial real estate brokers may need to fly across the country to attend conferences and show properties. Obviously, a career in law enforcement or the military has its own special demands.

Meanwhile, other careers provide plenty of time for family life. Most accountants rarely work more than their scheduled hours. Teachers may help with sports or activities, but they have set classroom hours. This stability and structure may be more conducive to a relationship with healthy and open communication. That can mean less chance of divorce.

Highest and lowest categories

Research shows that bartenders, casino managers and flight attendants have some of the highest divorce rates in America. Conversely, software developers, engineers and actuaries have some of the lowest rates. It may be worth thinking about how the demands of a career may affect your marriage before committing to either one.

If you are experiencing a marital breakdown, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney. They may be able to help you understand the process of divorce. A lawyer acts as an advocate for their client. Their job is to work for your best interests and help you get the best possible settlement.