Financial arguments are a leading cause of divorce

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There are many factors that can lead to the breakup of a marriage. One of the most potent is differences in the way you view your finances. Arguing over this crucial matter is one of the leading causes of divorce, so it’s a very good idea to talk to your partner about this issue before you commit to marriage.

Arguments over money can break up your marriage

When you enter a marriage, the last thing you want is to spend all of your time arguing about money. However, it is very true that you can have very different philosophies regarding how you save, spend and invest your money. These are issues that do need to be resolved and agreed upon.

You should note that the often-cited adage concerning half of all marriages ending in divorce is no longer strictly true; the number is actually closer to 40%. However, recent studies have also shown that financial disagreements are still causing divorces.

You need to resolve your financial issues

It is an excellent idea to seek counsel from a financial planner before you agree to marry. This will help create a united vision for your financial goals that both parties can agree upon even if you have different spending habits.

Arguments over finances don’t have to be the catalyst of divorce. Together, you can create an arrangement that will satisfy all of your needs and ensure that you both can compromise on these important issues.

If you have already married and can’t seem to agree on these issues, counseling may be helpful. If resolution by divorce seems imminent, it’s best to prepare for it beforehand.