Should you hire a certified divorce analyst?

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Texas divorces can be complicated, especially for people with extensive assets, stocks and retirement funds. Individuals who feel that they’re drowning in a financial regulatory sea may want to consider working with a certified divorce analyst.

What is a certified divorce analyst?

A certified divorce analyst, sometimes called a certified divorce financial analyst, is a trained financier who focuses on asset protection and fee avoidance for divorcing couples. Typically, they work closely with lawyers and may even have a legal background themselves. Analysts go through a certification process and typically address issues related to:

  • Asset division
  • Pension, retirement and other types of financial funds
  • Stock and bond matters
  • Taxes
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Cost of living as it relates to inflation

The nice thing about certified divorce analysts is that you can bring them in for as much or as little as you want. Some individuals do a one-hour consultation; others meet with them several times a week during the divorce process. The choice is yours.

Who should hire a certified divorce analyst?

You probably don’t need a certified divorce analyst if you don’t have many assets. However, don’t forget that assets extend beyond real estate and trust funds. For example, people with stakes in startups and other work-related retirement funds may get a lot of value from working with a divorce analyst.

People who use mediation or another type of collaborative divorce process often seek the help of a certified divorce analyst to determine the appropriate amount of child support or alimony. Divorcing couples who own a business together also find them worthwhile.

Typically, people who already work with a financial advisor don’t need to bring a certified divorce analyst on board. However, some people choose to seek advice from both types of counselors to help them make sound financial decisions surrounding divorce.