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Temporary protected status

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Blog |

Temporary protected status, or TPS, is a special condition applied to countries by the Department of Homeland Security for immigrants entering Texas and other states. A country will be given TPS for its immigrants to the U.S. when it is under extraordinary circumstances that mean it cannot accept returning citizens. This might happen due to a natural disaster, war or similar problems.


To qualify for temporary protected status, an immigrant must have resided in the U.S. continually and physically. They must apply for the status and file for it when registration is available. The applicant also needs to be able to prove that they are from the country for whom the temporary protected status has been declared. Once they meet these requirements, the applicant can receive the benefits of TPS.


Those benefits include protection from being removed from the U.S. and protection from being detained by DHS. They will also receive the authorization to travel and documents authorizing them to work. That gives them the ability to live and support themselves while the crisis in their home country resolves. The status is in place because the applicant would be in too much danger if they attempted to return home due to chaos or general risk.

Temporary protected status is designed to cover the case where a person immigrates to the U.S. but intends to return home. However, the home country experiences a crisis that makes it impossible to go back safely, so the U.S. creates a temporary means for them to stay, work and live until the crisis ends and they have the ability to go back to their home country.