Divorce versus legal annulment in Texas

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Many Texas residents who get married and then want to separate consider divorce as their first and only option. Sometimes, couples might seek a legal annulment, but there are certain criteria in order to qualify for one.

What is a legal annulment?

An annulment would technically erase the marriage, making it like it never happened. This can be a very tempting option for couples who would rather forget their marriage ever existed, but it’s not that simple.

There are certain legal grounds that couples seeking an annulment need to reach. Generally, these conditions are that one or both spouses were:

  • Deceived or forced to marry
  • Unable to make a clear decision because of a disability or alcohol or drug impairment
  • Under the legal age to marry
  • Already married to other people

The biggest reason that someone might seek an annulment is because they believe that they were deceived. Most states say that one spouse lying or concealing a major fact–such as an addiction, child, illness or another important life aspect–from the other before marriage is grounds for an annulment.

Why get an annulment over divorce?

Annulments tend to be a quicker process than divorce, which might require the couple to meet certain criteria before the divorce can take place. But for couples who have been together a long time or have otherwise built a life together before deciding to separate, divorce might be the better option.

Deciding to separate can be a tough decision for any couple. It’s important to look at all of the options available to you before making a decision.