Why You Should Hire Someone Experienced In Employment Law In Jefferson County, TX

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Employment Law |

You should retain a lawyer with experience in employment law in Jefferson County, TX, as soon as you realize that you may have a challenge relating to your employment or your employee if you’re the employer. You may feel nervous about retaining a lawyer, and you may also be worried about the potential cost. Consultations typically have a fixed fee, and you will not be committed to anything further unless you decide to retain the employment lawyer after hearing his or her advice.

Many people and organizations make the mistake of trying to deal with an employment law situation themselves. This can often make the situation worse. For example:

Employees that try to negotiate a severance package because they do not understand employment law or their rights often settle for far less than they are entitled to.

Employees who are being harassed or constructively dismissed hand in their resignations without raising their concerns first.  This makes it more challenging to pursue their rights.

Employers that dismiss employees without any legal advice, offering them far less than they are legally entitled to and then, unsurprisingly, end up in litigation.

Employers make fundamental mistakes, such as refusing to allow employees on parental leave to return to work because they prefer their replacements.

If you think that you may need a lawyer experienced in employment law, then you probably do. At the very least, you should arrange a consultation with an employment lawyer to discuss the matter in detail, receive sound employment law advice, and then determine the next steps.