Are couples with daughters more likely to divorce?

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Divorce is difficult for families in Texas regardless of the reason behind the breakup, but some couples never stop to think that their children may play a role in the success or failure of their marriage. Research suggests that not only does the presence of children play a role in divorce, but the gender of the children can also become a factor.

Daughters and divorce

A pair of economists shared research with the world a decade ago showing the divorce rate is 10% higher for couples with daughters than those with only sons. The researchers indicated that women are more likely to endure a bad marriage when they have sons. The findings also showed that “shotgun weddings” were more likely when an unwed mother became pregnant with a son.

What the numbers mean

Experts go back and forth to explain the divorce disparity between families with daughters and those with sons. One psychologist feels the answer lies in the fact that women initiate 73% of divorce filings. The inference drawn by the psychologists is that support provided by daughters to their mothers makes it easier for them to walk away from a marriage that is proving to be no good for them.

The reverse of this concept is married women with sons. These mothers will sometimes suffer through a bad marriage so that their sons can grow up with a father. The fact that sons often add to the home workload and are less likely to help their mother with chores might factor in decisions to continue or leave a marriage.

Divorce is difficult on all members of the family in every situation. The complications only become more pronounced when children are involved. Individuals involved with the divorce process may find it helpful to consult with a divorce attorney.