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Pros and cons of a 50/50 child custody arrangement

| Apr 28, 2021 | Child Custody |

When both parents are fit for custody of their children, Texas favors a 50/50 custody arrangement. Parents who have joint physical custody may create their own schedule that works for them. Remember to take the child’s needs and preferences into consideration when you negotiate a schedule. If the kids are young, then you will most likely have to create a new schedule once they are older.

Equal time spent with each parent

Having involved parents improves a child’s development. Children are less likely to experience mental health problems when they are able to have a healthy relationship with both parents. By nature, children desire attention, love and care from both parents; even if you explain to them that the other parent loves them, they may feel unhappy when the other parent isn’t around often enough. For this reason, 50/50 child custody schedules are an ideal arrangement for a child’s happiness and well-being.

Parents get breaks

A benefit of joint custody you can look forward to is having more time to yourself. You can give more to your child when it’s time for them to stay with you because you’ve had time to recharge. On a 50/50 child custody schedule, you don’t have to stress as much overpaying for babysitters either.

More opportunities for fun

A benefit that children can look forward to is having two different neighborhoods full of unique opportunities. They may have more options for friends and fun places to hang out near both of their parents’ homes.

Long travel time if one parent lives far away

The potential downside of a 50/50 child custody arrangement is when one parent lives far away. It might cause longer travel times to school and extracurricular activities. Parents should aim to live within the school district of their children. Kids grow up fast, and you want to make the most of the time you have with them before they are teenagers and adults, so you don’t want to spend precious parenting time driving your child far away.

A 50/50 child custody arrangement is ideal for most children because they will feel like both parents love them and spend time with them. However, coming to an agreement on this type of schedule can take a lot of negotiation between parents. Both parents’ family law attorneys may assist in the negotiations to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.