Facts about American divorces

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Some may feel surprised to discover the divorce rate in the United States has declined, as data shows. However, many people prescribe to myths, including the pervasive belief that half of American marriages end in divorce. Such figures aren’t accurate, and they reflect the misconceptions people have about divorce in Texas and elsewhere.

Facts about divorce

Although divorce figures may reflect a decline, more than 782,000 marriages ended in divorce or annulment in 2018. Not every marriage works out. Specifically, about 39% of marriages dissolve. While those figures are disheartening to read, spouses cannot stay together in a marriage that isn’t working or involves physical or mental abuse.

A closer examination of divorce figures may reveal some troubling points about child custody. While the court may award the custodial parent a specific support amount, the parent and child might not receive all of it. Anyone struggling to make child support payments could request a modification, but some don’t take such actions. They merely stop paying.

A troubling lesson emerges here. Even after a final divorce decree, ex-spouses may still have legal issues with one another to address.

Divorce and its effects

Couples may try to work their differences out, and some may achieve a positive result. However, those choosing to remain in a troubled marriage might find their mental health suffers. Children growing up in a household filled with turmoil could become far more likely to divorce later in life.

Rushing into divorce proceedings might not always be the right approach. Those struggling with financial issues, empty nest syndrome, or irreconcilable differences may wish to seriously consider all options. However, not all marriages are salvageable, and divorce could be unavoidable.